Sunday, June 7, 2009

Saturday time!

During saturday I usually doing laundry so I did laundry today. but my husband think to add items in our registry so we plan to go target and babiesRus. when we left, we decided to look for asian market first here in fort collins but we didn't see much stuff in there. mostly korean and jappanese stuff in there so we only get ice cream. we also went to once apon a child. its a store for baby stuff mostly cheap items but we didn't get any coz i dont know, nothing that i like. i mostly like clothes but we got some clothes for the baby already.When we are in target we add some items in there but my feet start getting sore from walking so we decided to go home instead. while at home i continue doing my laundry . im getting tired so i took a nap. my day was busy during saturday but usually on the weekdays my life is bored coz im always alone in the house and sometimes nothing to do. Tonight I look up for another recipe on internet . I'm interested to cook another dish which is good to learn. so i write it down to my notebook. I hope i can cook the other recipe sometimes!