Sunday, June 7, 2009

Baby Shower Party!

May 24, 09

My day was busy today. after we went to church we go home to relax a little and in one hour we went to Eric and Michelle engagement party. I'm the only filipina girl there, but all people are nice to me. Bro
Eric introduced us to all his friends which is nice. I only eat a little in there because I know i will go to baby shower party of one of my friend which is lots of pinoy food. I met a girl there her name is Lorie and we talked a little.In half hour we leave the place and went to baby shower party. when I got there i'm 30 minutes late already. all the people eating and chatting. It was wonderful party. All the people enjoyed the food, the game and the time. After the party, mechel, lerio and I talking about my baby shower. were planning where to held my baby shower. for the time and what day. so we decided to have my baby shower at mechel's house.