Sunday, June 7, 2009

Labor and Birth!

I had a nurse visit today. we discussed about labor and birth. she gave me a guide book. in a guide book there are many things to learn and to discuss like :

The work of Labor- is done by your uterus, often called the womb. The uterus is the hallow sac of muscles in which your baby grows during pregnancy.
What is Labor- is the time when your uterus contracts to bring about the birth of your baby. Contractions of the uterus are often called "labor pains". Labor contractions soften, shorten and open the cervix and push your baby and the placenta out of your body.
What happen in Labor? There are three stage to labor.
During the first stage of labor = The contractions of the uterus thin and open the cervix, stretching it over your baby's head.
During the second stage of labor= contractions of the uterus push your baby through the vagina and out of your body.
During the third stage of labor= labor is the time when the placenta is delivered.
Kinds of Birth:
Vaginal Delivery
Forceps Birth
Cesarean Birth
She also gave me a magazine its all about baby talk. And a booklet for Pampers Childbirth Education Program.