Sunday, June 7, 2009


My last period was October 25th. It was already end of November and I don't have period I asked my husband to buy pregnancy test. I remember we hide it because bro and girlfriend are coming home and we don't want them to know. so we went to the bathroom and test my urine after a minute it appears "PREGNANT". My husband and I staring each other and we can't believe it. all I can say it just really.. is this real? is there really baby growing inside my tummy? I can't believe it. then I close my eyes and pray, Thanks God for the blessing. so my husband and I hugging and kiss each other. So this time my husband talk to me to keep it secret because he plan to surprise his family on christmas. Last Christmas we announced that I am pregnant. after we opening our presents my husband give them a card and say " little one is on the way" my Mom was really shocked and speechless. I know they are all happy because that's the greatest gift I gave to them. They really want a grand children and same to my family in province too. They are all happy to me. My wish was granted! During my pregnancy my first trimester was so bad. I was really sick. I have morning sickness. I really so maarte that time. I always smell bad, always vomit and am really craving for food. It's too bad coz the food I want is nothing in here. I really pray that hope I will be better soon. Later on day comes by my baby growing and my tummy getting bigger. I feel better this time no more morning sickness, no more vomiting and i stop craving for food. I was thankful because I didn't feel sick anymore. Now i am already 27 weeks. 6 months already. 3 months to go and I will have my baby. how exciting is that? well, just goodluck to me for becoming a new Mommy.