Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pampers Booklet!

I read about Pampers booklet today and I found out about Parenting tips.
Here are some Parenting tips to know:


Babies communicate their needs and pleasure through their behavior. They "talk" with their bodies. After your baby is born, you will be able to clearly see his/her reactions.He/She will let you know if what you are doing is on the right track. For example, if his body relaxes and he looks contended. what you are doing is right for that moment. Very quickly you will get to know your baby's style and rhythms. You will be talking to one another.

Babies go through periods of being sleep. awake and crying. They go through these periods many times each day. Whether a baby is awake or asleep depends on what she needs. Over time these periods become more predictable.

Babies have the marvelous ability to use sleep to shut out the noise and activity of others. By doing this they protect themselves from unnecessary stimulation. In quiet sleep their eyes are tightly shut, their breathing deep and regular, their body curled, closing out the world. After your baby is born you will be able to see how well he is able to shut out disturbing noises and activities.
Even before birth, a developing baby can get used to and ignore activity. Here is something you can try after the sixth month.
  • When you know your baby is awake, ring a small bell or shine a flashlight near your abdomen for a few seconds. How does your baby respond?
  • Now do it again for a few seconds. How your baby respond this time?
  • Repeat this several more times to see what she/he will do.