Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bonding with Family!

Saturday afternoon my husband and I went to bro house to stay there for grandpa's birthday. We had a wonderful dinner with them. We had nice bonding together. We watched a movie called fantasy island.. it was okay. then we went to bed after. I had trouble sleeping last night its because I didn't sleep together with my hubby and I was really sad coz there is only 1 single bed and its only enough for me my hubby slept on the floor i coudnt sleep with him because its hard for me to get up since i was super big so i had to sacrifice. I really dont sleep much last night. i kept waking up to go bathroom. In the morning we get up early for for church. we went to rocky mountain christian church, the church was huge.. and the service was alright. i like the worship. but i dont like much the sermon . so anyway.. we back home for lunch. mom and bro's went to store to get something for dad. i really like the gift. its jps for car direction. Today mom and dad gave something for my baby again.. its a crib.. I really thankful to them, they are so generous. I love them so much. Im glad i have in-laws like them. they are really amazing grand parents:)