Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My swelling toenail!

My toenail today was swelling :( the nail was already growing under the skin since i couldn't pedicure for a long time coz its hard to do it and beside im too preggy. I didnt go to parlor here coz the last time i went they really didnt clean too much so i dont like it the way they clean. anyway.. its really hurt. last night i tried to trimmed it and put alcohol. the next morning it was getting worst its really puffed and red. today i pedicure and manicure myself even if its hard but i tried to do it. I was afraid to clean the swelling toenail but I had to cut the growing nail under it. i was moaning for the hurt but i sacrifice it. the puff coming out and its yuck.. so now i can't feel the hurt anymore i will just wait to heal. hopefully it will better soon..