Thursday, July 16, 2009

Doctor Appointment

It was my Doctor Appointment today. As usual the nurse checked my blood pressure and my weight. I gained 2 pounds for this week and my blood pressure was really good. My doctor checked my tummy and checked the heartbeat of my little girl it was really good so far. Then we talk about my feelings for this time..My husband and I want to know if I am dilated coz lately I can feel more frequent contraction and its really uncomfortable. the baby is like pushing on my cervix and its little cramping. so, we told the doctor to check me. when my doctor checked me.. she said I am already dilated for 1 and half that's means my cervix is start opening for now. I had ultrasound for today too coz my doctor wants to know if the baby's head is down. Its so amazing because I saw my little one again even though its hard to see her on the machine but I was still happy to see her. My doctor said I can have my baby by tomorrow or in a couple of days but it just all depend on the baby when she's ready to come out:)