Friday, August 7, 2009

My Birth stories..

August 2, 2009

Sunday morning at 5am I woke up and felt to pee so when I got up something flowing ,I thought its my pee and i can't really believe it but it wasn't really a pee.On my mind i thought my water broke but I can't feel the pain right away so I didn't think I'm in labor. I didn't go back to bed that time. I was observing myself on whats happening on me. One hour later I started in pain and having hard contraction. when the contraction came hard, the water keeps flowing so I woke up my husband and tell whats happening to me. I was still doubting, I was really worried if we go to hospital and not time yet maybe the doctor will sent back home again..
My husband getting busy calling our doctor but he can't contact her but someone in the center answer and telling whats going on me. We decided to go hospital. I took a quick shower and starting to have hard contraction again and my water keeps flowing. I guess this is really is it. I only eat a little oatmeal for breakfast and my husband getting busy packing everything and load in the car.
About 8:30 in the morning we checked in the hospital and theysent me to birthing center. The nurse checked me and i was already 3cm dilated. She asked my urine sample and she saw my pads that has yellow on it. she said its a meconium i was really worried for that. one hour later, other nurse took a blood sample and she inserted a pinicilin. Every time i'm on pain i asked for medication. At 3pm the doctor checked on me again and I was already 5 cm dilated. this time my contraction getting worse and im on pain too much so i decided to have epidural. 10 munites later someone doctor came and he inserted the medication on me. I felt numb all over my legs and in my tummy I dont feel the hurts` anymore. I was so weak this time. Nurse told me to get some rest or nap when I can. She also inserted catheter on me because im not allowed to get up. About 6:30pm I can feel so much pressure on my butt everytime the contractions begin. the doctor came in and checked on me again. By this time I was already 9 and half cm dilated. oh my gosh I am really close to push. About 7pm the doctor checked on me again and I am finally 10 cm dilated. I really urge to push this time. so the nurse told me to try pushing and I did. I still remember many doctors and nurses around me and i don't care for men doctor. all in my mind is to concentrate in pushing . I kept praying and pushing this time. My husband was there with me and help me to push. All the doctors and nurses are very supportive. All i can hear from them is to say push and breath. I felt the head coming out and i only took a break to breath. The baby finally born at 7:40 pm. I was so amazed and very thankful to God. I did great! There's a tears on my eyes when i hear the baby cry. I know its a tears of joy and happiness.