Wednesday, July 29, 2009

False alarm experienced!

Yesterday at 4am I was already starting having bad contraction until evening.. In the morning, my contraction changed to mild until evening. I went to bed at 11 pm and I can't sleep until 3am. my contraction getting harder and when i pee its hurts even if I change position the hurt doesn't go away.. my husband can't sleep good too coz he is worried for me everytime im on pain he massage me. I tried to go back to sleep but the hurts wake me up always. At 3 am the hurts getting harder and harder so I wake up my hubby to go hospital. he is very supportive until then.. we load our bags and things in the car and we went to the hospital. when we got there my hubby get a wheelchair for me coz its hard for me to walk. we check in and they bring us to birthing center. The nurse check my weight before we enter the room and after that she sent us to the room. I change my clothes and she ask my urine sample.. we sit there for a moment and waiting for the nurse to come in.. in 10 mins, the nurse came she start monitoring me, checking my blood and checking the heartbeat of the baby. while monitoring me she told me that the doctor will come in in a little while to check me. so when the doctor check my cervix she said i was dilated for 1 and half cm. and i was surprised my other doctor at center said i was already dilated at 2 cm in that day... I really can't believe coz i thought im already dilated like 3 to 4 cm. so the doctor tell us to check me again after in 1 hour if there is something changing on me. while waiting i took a nap and my contraction changed to mild. I was really confused., why its change like that. The doctor was confused too.. so she decided to check my vagina if i have infection.. In my other doctor she already check me for group b test and i was positive.. the doctor start checking on me.. oh my was really terrible i was tense and panic coz i remember during my papsmer its not really good at all. the nurse told me to relax so the doctor can did it. it took a minute to check and i was really uncomfortable that time. finally she's done checking on me.. while waiting for the result i took a nap. after an hour the doctor came in to tell us the results.. I was positive so that means i had infection..the doctor said its yeast infection on my vagina. Since i was dilated 1 and half cm the doctor sent us home but she gave me medication for my infection first. and she told me to take tylenol pm so i can sleep. when we got home i went our room right away to sleep.. i was really super tired and sleepy. I slept 8 hrs on that day. I woke up 5 pm and I was hungry coz that time i dont eat lunch. after taking a shower i go down to eat. I can't believe coz i feel better no more pain not too much contraction I just feel normal. so until now i feel better. oh well, its false alarm experienced.. so crazy! I hope next time its really true labor:)