Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Yesterday was my USCIS initial interview for greencard. I was exhausted in the morning because I dont have much sleep from nursing my baby. I felt little bit nervous while waiting our names to be called and it took half hour sitting in a waiting area. I was wondering coz some other couples called ahead of us and besides were early than them...Finally the gentleman call my name and we follow him to his office. He told us to be sitted and he ask me if i know how to speak english and i said yes then he told us to swear and tell the truth for all his questions.. I felt nervous to answer him because he look strict to me but later on i felt calm and comfortable answering him. I realize that he was a nice person. He ask for our passports and my SSN and our ids and he gather all our documents. We had good conversation towards him and its like were talking to him like a friends.
Luckily were done.. and he told us our documents are fine. so I guess no problem with it.. so I was approved!