Thursday, July 9, 2009

My experience for today!

Today is my 36 weeks Doctor Appointment. My Doctor due date is July 28 but in my ultrasound its July 31. It's so confusing but I will just have to wait when the baby is arrive. Today she told us about my GBS test results and it was positive. I was little bit worried but the Doctor said its mostly common in pregnant women. All I need is to have IV antibiotics during labor. I told the Doctor about my feelings today coz i can feel burning when I pee. so they test my urine today if I have an infection. were waiting for a moment for the results and im glad its negative. no infection.:) 21 days more to go and I will have my little girl. My husband ask me if I am ready to have a baby and I said absolutely "yes". Actually im all packed and ready. Im just nervous and worried for the labor pain. Hopefully i can get through it. Goodluck with me and God guide me always!