Saturday, June 6, 2009

It's my Baby shower today!

I woke up early today to prepare and to cook for my visitors. My friend Mechel help me to cook like chicken curry, menudo, meatloaf and pancit. and I also cook for tamarind soup and pork soup. I also made pineapple cake upside down. I'm glad all my visitors likes it. I only have 11 few visitors and were just 13 girls. were having fun by taking pictures ,eating and chatting anything. I just want to thank you for all wonderful gifts you given us for my baby. I'm sure she is happy right now. I really appreciated from the bottom of my heart. I'm sure when the baby is born, I can use all the gifts you gave. Thanks a lot!
Thank you also from Mechel because she helped me from cooking and helped from other stuffed we needed to do. Thanks also from her husband John for driving to go grocery and help us for decorating and blowing the ballons. Thanks also from Mae for helping us to cut the veggies. I would like to thank also from Mj for the nice cake. Once again thank you very much guys!